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Superior Lineage was founded in 2019, a clothing brand with a mission to touch individuals in a way that inspires positive growth; not only through our products but also through our actions as a company. SL promotes diversity and connectedness of all people, advocating for self-confidence and seeking positive meaning to each other and life outside of ourselves. With every piece of cloth, we believe words, actions, and designs have the power to imprint a positive message in an individual's mind; one that can instill a positive rippling effect throughout a lifetime in society. "Be Authentic. Be Different. Be Superior." This brand is for the warriors and innovators of our times, as well as the empathizers. Dare To Be Authentic. Dare To Be Different. Dare To Be Superior. The message is simple, "Become the best version of yourself. Become SUPERIOR to your current self to become a positive breath of inspiration for the next generations." This is the brand of positive alignment.

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