About Us


Superior Lineage was founded in 2019 with a specific goal in mind. Empowering others to be their superior selves through high-quality apparel at an affordable price with a message implemented into each design. Our belief in the importance of family and spreading love will forever be a driving force for our brand. Which brings us to the meaning of our motto/mantra. Be Authentic. Be Different. Be Superior. Being authentic by never turning away from our ultimate goal of empowering others. Being different through inspiring all from the oldest of ages to the youngest to be the best versions of themselves. Being Superior by following the path that God our creator has made for us leading to a better life not only for ourselves but our entire lineage. 

Our vision is simple; very soon Superior Lineage will be a household name known for spreading peace, positivity, love, and equality.

Dare to be Authentic. Dare to be Different. Dare to be Superior. Dare to be YOU!